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Amador Four Fires was a SUCCESS!

Our passion is to create. We love pouring our hearts into something tangible, sharing it with the world and hoping it speaks to someone.

Amador Four Fires was our first event and we quickly realized how special this opportunity was to be able to connect with so many really cool, kind, genuine people. The energy was amazing and we found ourselves wanting to visit and get to know those who decided to come in and check out our space. Many people came in and connected with us and fell in love with something we created and it warmed our hearts. The re-appearances from people were the best! In addition to our friends and family who so kindly supported us and gave us encouragement, there were two people who particularly stood out: Tracci @daringdarlingbold and Sandy! Such great energy and kindness! What a gift to spend the day surrounded by joy.

A giant shout out to our families for supporting us, helping build the displays and adding elegant touches and love. And Thank You to Susie and #AmadorFourFires for organizing and hosting. You all helped make our first event a memorable one.

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